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Stock Class Day NJ

Dust off the old equipment and come on out to Manchester, NJ for a Stock Class day.  July 24th from 10-5.

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“Stock-Class 2.0” rules.

In order for a paintball gun to be classified as “stock-class” under the new 2.0 rules, it must meet three (3) simple criteria.

The paintball gun must be:
1) manually operated (pump action, lever action, bolt action, etc.)
2) horizontally fed with no assist
(having a feed tube that runs parallel to the barrel with no spring assist)
3) powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge

(Examples of “brand name” stock-class guns: Nel-Spots, PGPs, NSG Splatmasters, CCI Stock-Class Phantoms, Lapco Grey Ghosts, Retro 7s, PPS Super-Stockers, PMI-KP2s, PMI-1s, etc.).

Semi-autos, mag-fed, or open-class pumps with any size CA/HPA tanks and/or direct feeds WITH HOPPERS or vertical stick feeds will not be allowed. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made.

Modifications that ARE allowed:
• Any pump-action gun with a direct feed nipple can be equipped with a 90° elbow attached directly to the nipple. A horizontally-mounted feed tube must be mounted directly into the 90° elbow (to prevent excessive “ball stacking”).
• Any type of 12-gram CO2 cartridge “bucket changer”, or “drop out changer”
• Lever changers/slam changers that hold ONE (1) 12-gram CO2 cartridge
• Stabilizers / regulators
• Maximum 20 round feed tube
• Any length barrel/sized barrels
• Any type of barrel porting
• Any type of “Raincover”
• Pump guns with auto-triggers are allowed because a horizontal feed negates the ability to effectively auto-trigger. Even so, the act of auto-triggering (or attempting to auto-trigger) is NOT allowed.

Modifications that are NOT allowed (because they create an unfair advantage or safety risk):
• 12-gram changers that hold multiple cartridges (AGD 6-packs, ACI turret changers)
• First Strike Rounds
• Spring Feeds
• Any type of Mag-fed system
• Laser sights

The event is finished.


Jul 24 2022


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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