Paintball FAQ’s

Here are some of the most common questions we get.

Does paintball hurt
This is the number one question people ask about paintball. While getting hit can sometimes “sting”, most of the time, you can barely feel the hit. There are a couple of ways to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Wear appropriate clothing and respect our rule to not shoot up close. Also, we offer a new “lo-impact” version of paintball which is sweeping the nation in popularity. If millions are people are playing and loving it, we know you will too.
How old do you need to be?
Paintball is enjoyed by a tremendous range of people. We feel that 10 and above is the best age however, we do have an excellent splat ball option that works great for kids 7-10. While we do recommend certain ages, it really is up to the parent to determine if their child is ready to participate. Its also great to see when adults and kids join together to play as this creates lasting memories for both.
Does the paint wash out?
Yes, our paintballs are water soluble and biodegradable. We love the environment and our paintballs do as well.
When can we play?

We have two great options to play.
Our Public fields run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. You can check in anytime before 2pm although we always recommend getting there as early as possible.

Our Private Fields are available 7 days a week with advance notice. A private field requires paying for at least 10 players and gives you an outing where your group only plays with the people you bring. Its great for parties and organizational events.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that you can run around in and do not mind getting dirty. While the paint will wash out, you can get dirt and grass stains as well. Bringing a change of clothes for the car ride home can also be a good idea.
We also recommend a knit cap or some kind of head cover as well as gloves. This will act as extra padding. Our pro-shops will also have this available for purchase if you need.
Can I bring my own paintballs?
At Cousins, we require all paintballs to be purchased from our location. This is how we control costs and quality so we can bring you such an amazing adventure. Plus… our paint has a really cool logo.
Is paintball played rain or shine?
Absolutely, we play rain or shine. Playing in different weather conditions can actually add some more fun to the game.
What does the rental package include?
The rental includes paintball certified headgear and a paintball marker complete with air tank. We also have many other items available for rent and purchase at the playing site.
Do I need to fill out a waiver?

Yes. A Waiver is an insurance requirement and every player needs to sign a waiver in order to play. If you are under 18, this must be done by a parent.

You can fill one out here

When you make a reservation, you will also get a link that will attach your wavier to your outing.

Do you have food and drinks?
Yes.  Every facility has snacks and beverages.  We also have local pizza places that will deliver to your party.  Our guests are also welcome to bring in any food they like, including cake and drinks.   Need catering options?  Give is a call.
Is Cousins really run by Cousins?
Yes. Cousins is actually owned by Dean and Paul, cousins on their mothers side. More importantly, every employee and guest is considered family as well. The commitment to fun and safety is taken seriously and this is proven every single day.

Who Plays


You will be amazed at how many people love this game

Weekend Warriors

Each years, millions of people “Get Out & Play” paintball.  It is an exciting, healthy, safe activity where great people get up off of the couch and onto the battlefield of fun.   Many friendships are made out at Cousins Paintball and even more memories.  People come alone and with groups to join in.

Private Parties

Paintball is an amazing choice to hold a party that will “wow” your guests.  It is ranked the number one kids party option because it offers action and adrenaline that the guests will love.  Bachelor parties love paintball because it is an acceptable way to celebrate that last “hoorah” and also allows you to include more family members of any age.

Corporate Events

So many corporations in New York, New Jersey, and Texas have hosted corporate paintball events.  The game is an amazing morale booster and also highlights some of the most important corporate skills including teamwork, leadership, decision making.  A party at Cousins Paintball is the best way to reward and motivate your team to success.

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