Where you choose the ultimate experience

Only at the Long Island Sports Park

Low Impact Paintball

Enjoy the adrenaline rush from 2 games of paintball. Low impact paintballs are used to make the experience more exciting.


Enjoy a full 18 holes of our beautiful mini-golf course where you compete with your friends for the lowest score.

Obstacle Course Challenge

Experience 5 awesome obstacles that will test your agility and stamina.  Based on the award winning obstacle course used by The Survival Race.

Tactical Dodge Ball

It’s Dodge Ball with a twist.  Challenges players to work as a team and to use their surroundings to keep from being eliminated.

Tactical Target Shoot

Experience a tactical no-impact target range where participants can track their times for completion.  We use high quality target practice rifles with eco friendly bb’s.

Disc Golf

Experience 3 holes of our challenging disc golf course where participants use three different types of discs (A driver, fairway, and putter disc) in order to get the best score possible.

Foot Golf

This takes soccer to the next level.  Challenge yourself to three holes of a regulation foot golf course where participants attempt to get the best score using only their feet to get the soccer ball to the hole.

Twisted Volley Ball

Volleyball is fun.. Twisted Volleyball is amazing!!!  Work together with your team to battle it out with multiple balls and insane scoring rules

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