Father’s Day comes along, and more often than not – most of us choose to celebrate with minimal fuss. There is typically a grill involved, maybe a couple of beers, but nothing in comparison to the extensive thought that goes into celebrating Mom’s (No offense Momma’s!). The holiday was officialized in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day in celebrating fathers. To learn more about the history of Father’s Day check out this amazing article.

It’s time to do something different!

So why not switch it up this year? Let’s celebrate Dads and give them excitement, competition, and fresh air. Treat them to a day of Paintball instead! Paintball is a perfect way for Dad’s to get out, get some exercise, leave stress behind, and create some epic memories.

Make some exciting memories!

Also, can you honestly say that you remember every single Father’s Day dinner or cook-out you attended? They kind of blend into other summer memories. Playing Paintball is the most amazing way to create memories, whether they are out playing with other dads, or if they bring their children out to play. You won’t forget this Father’s Day!

It doesn’t get much more exciting than Paintball. The field is the perfect place for Dads to return to their primal combative nature and really let loose. Not only that, but they can take the day off from all of the mundane and stress that comes with the strains of adult-working life. They instead, can get outside, leave the world behind and be fully immersed into epic scenarios, team vs. team combat, and many expertly designed battlefield set-ups.

The whole family can join in!

Most people assume that paintballing is just for children. In all reality, it’s an activity for a broad range of age groups. Here at Cousins Paintball, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate paintball experience for all of our players, age 8- adult.

Getting out on the field with friends and friendly members is the perfect way to settle rivalries, face off against other family members, and get back at your moody teenagers. It is also an excellent way to get exercise, without the torture of a gym routine. With all of the sprinting, ducking, diving, and climbing involved with survival strategy while paintballing- you burn tons of calories without even realizing it.

So don’t hesitate to register for our Father’s Day special and join us for the most epic Father’s Day ever!

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