The CTS-3Man (Cousin Tournament Series) is a 3 Player Airball event, that’s designed for new, competitive-minded players to cut their teeth and get experience in the speedball game. Cousins Paintball is proud to have created this event, and been hosting it since 2010.

These events are held several times throughout the year. Teams of 3 players compete against each other in 8-12 preliminary games. It’s a grueling match to the end to determine which team has the best speedball skills. The layout is carefully designed and released to all players ahead of time. The 3 winners receive amazing prizes for first, second and third place at the end of the competition. It’s truly a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat experience. Even if you aren’t playing, it is a great game to watch.

Be sure to register your team and check the upcoming event schedule so you don’t miss any of these events! They sell out very quickly as we are limited to the number of teams that can participate for each date. You’ll want to experience the CTS-3Man event at least once!

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