“GUN OF THE WEEK”: Empire Mini. This Pre-owned Empire Invert Mini is in excellent condition, both mechanically and cosmetically. It was just cleaned, lubed, tested, and is working perfectly!

“Gun of the Week”- Refurbished Empire Mini with custom engraving.

Pictures really don’t do the custom engraving justice. It is truly a work of art. Not to mention the specs of the marker itself. This is an Invert Mini Paintball Gun with a 12″ aluminum barrel. It only weighs about 2 lbs., making it one of the lightest and tightest electronic markers available. It also has multi-mode firing capability with an easy “tournament lockout”. There aren’t any hoses to worry about crimping or breaking, and the feed neck is clamping to prevent any loading or firing issues.

To see the “Gun of the Week”: Empire Mini in action; check out our video on FB or Instagram. Also, be sure to follow our pages and check them regularly. Cousins Paintball and our very own Collin, feature one gun every week on the ShopCousins.com site. Don’t miss them -sometimes there are coupon codes for discounts!

This one will go fast! Get it now before your opponent does!

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