Paintball equipment- where to start? Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered (in paint!). Cousins Paintball has an array of equipment articles about what one needs to play, which markers and masks we carry, and which type of equipment is recommended for each level of play.

Paintballer with awesome equipment

We have articles tailored to our variety of customers. If you are a beginner, or the parent of a beginner- we have several articles for you! Also, if you’ve been playing on a team professionally we have equipment articles for you as well! Plus, many more for all of those who fall in between those extremes.

Did you know that Cousins Paintball also has a retail store? We have knowledgeable staff that also repair paintball or airsoft equipment as needed. We also sell new and used markers at great prices. If you ever need any assistance our staff will not hesistate to answer all of your questions, or show you how to use something properly and safely.

In addition to that, Cousins Paintball offers season passes. Season Pass holders enjoy a multitude of benefits, including endless discounts on gear, events, and paintballs. Lastly, if you can not find the information you need please feel free to call us at (631)698-6230.

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