We may be biased (OK, we are definitely biased) but we think the Cousins Paintball location on Long Island is one of the best paintball fields you will ever play on. And we happen to think that fall is one of the best times of the year to play paintball there! 

Yes, fall officially arrives this month – on Tuesday, September 22 to be exact. And you can enjoy the brisk fall breezes and colorful leaves as you prowl our more than 100 acres in beautiful Suffolk County where you can play paintball every Saturday and Sunday beginning at 10 in the morning. Private games can be played during the week if you have a reservation. 

Suffolk County, New York 

When people talk about Long Island, they are usually referring to Suffolk and Nassau Counties. There are two other counties, but they don’t have nearly as much to offer as Suffolk County, which is the biggest county on Long Island. 

Here are some fun facts about this special place:

  • Did you know that Suffolk County is the easternmost county in the state of New York? 
  • If you look at it on a map, you can see that is surrounded by water on three sides, but somehow those three sides accommodate four big bodies of water, the Long Island Sound, the Peconic Bay, the Great South Bay and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean.  
  • The only Native American reservation on Long Island – the Shinnecock reservation – is located in Suffolk County. 
  • Suffolk County bills itself as the state’s leader in agriculture.

Of course, way back in 1683, when Suffolk County was established as one of only four counties that made up the English territory of New York, no one was playing paintball. Can you imagine trying to load a musket with paint?! And having to reload after every single shot?! 

If you want to play paintball in NYC, check out Cousins Paintball on Long Island!

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