Governor urges business to have a plan…. we do!

Our plan takes our low impact recreational facility and adds additional safeguards to keep our community strong.


Outdoor Only

Fresh Air and sunlight are a great option.  It is important to stay active in a safe way.

Social Distancing

Players in a game do not get within 15 feet of each other… safer than tennis!

PPE Compliant

Customers must us PPE face protectors when walking through any common areas.  PPE requirements will apply to staff as well.

Staff certified

Our staff is trained in proper distancing procedures, PPE usage, and sanitizing procedures

Limited Participation

We limit the number of guests and monitor community metrics provided by governor..

Extensive Cleaning

We disinfect common surfaces every 30 minutes using CDC approved methods.

Rental Plus

Our all new Rental Plus program offers customer a brand new paintball facemask that they can take home with them.

Online Processing

Our prepaid option makes it easy to check-in, without ever entering a building.  Play smart, play safe, play paintball.

Do your part

Pay and fill out waiver online.

Bring your own PPE mask

Carry Hand Sanitizer

Wash hands often

Maintain your distance

We are so glad to be back and running.  We take our responsibility seriously so our opening limits will be set at about 20 percent of our normal capacity.  For this reason, space is very limited and we require prepaid reservations..

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