BIG GAME – June 2 & 3

Bigger is Better


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The Game of the Year

Picture two massive teams battling it out for the victory featuring respawn action, missions, and coordinated strategy. And just when you think it can’t get better, we throw in some real helicopter assaults!

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You do not want to miss this….

The Cousins Big Game is the longest running paintball scenario in the world… and for a good reason…. it is awesome!

Join celebrity generals Greg Hastings and Bane in the ultimate battle for bragging rights.

Saturday- 2 massive mission based sessions and a prize giveaway like you’ve never witnessed.
Sunday- 2 amazing sessions with the added helicopter assaults… plus a third “Final Battle” session that will be the most intense paintball experience ever.

For equipment lovers, this is also a great chance to get out and meet some amazing vendors and see their products first hand. Full service tech support will also be provided on site.

High pressure air and CO2 fills are both available and included with the admission.

Come for the action, the tanks, the helicopter, the prizes, or just for the people. This event is going to be epic!

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