Paintball balls inside newspaper isolated on white background. 3d illustration.
Paintball News from Cousins Paintball.

Paintball News- What’s new in the paintball world? What’s going on with your favorite Pro player? What are your local paintball teams up to this season? When are the next upcoming competitive events? And so much more!

Again, we have done the research for you. Find articles here about local, national, and international changes in the paintball scene.

We cover everything from events, equipment, team news, and anything else under the Paintball sun. For instance check out this article about the NXL kick off a couple weeks ago in Kissimmee, FL.

Come back and check this section regularly to see what’s new in paintball! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to call our reservation office at (631) 698-6230.

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