Cousins Paintball Tank at Paintball Special Events
Cousins Paintball Tank at Paintball Special Events

Paintball Special Events are our specialty. Cousins Paintball is proud to have created, and sponsored large paintball events for almost 35 years.

We have seasonal events, holiday specials, and so much more! There are some story-themed events that are fun for the whole family, as well as serious tactical events for paintball teams.

Our events are year-round, rain or shine, so if you are ever in need of something different we have you covered (in paint!). Our customers and staff make these events so amazing. Each one is such a great time to bond with existing friends and family, make new friends, get exercise, work on your strategy building skills, and just live life to the fullest.

We also customize events based on your needs. We are willing to help make any of your event dreams come true. Whether it is lighting up your old office building prior to demolition, or just making a child’s 13th birthday one of the best memories they will ever have. We are here for you!

Participation in large special events is such a great opportunity for fun, networking, stress-relief, and so much more. Especially in the after-math of an almost 2 year lockdown. Here is a mind-blowing article about the necessity of attending festivals and special events.

What are you waiting for? Check out our blogs to find out more about Dark Ops, Yeti, UNO Nerf Wars, CTS games, The Big Game, and so much more!

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