Paintball events come in all shapes and sizes, so if you are thinking about purchasing a gift card for a friendly (or fierce!) competition among you and your friends – or your frenemies – the field is wide open.

The most common type of game is delightfully known as “death match,” which entails players trying to eliminate the others so that only one remains. A twist to “death match” is to give players “multiple lives” after commencing fire within the playing area. It is a good idea to decide before the game how many “multiple lives” each player gets.

“The player must go back to the starting point before another life can be lost,” WikiHow explains. “This makes games last longer and can also be interesting when you have to borrow paintballs from other players on your team because you run out.”

Another type of game is called “Capture the Flag.” Fairly self-explanatory, it involves retrieving the opposing team’s flagstick and bringing it back to your base, staking it in the ground for the win.

Here are some other ways to play paintball:

  • Bomb: Plant a bomb (an empty cardboard box or an envelope stuffed with towels or even a large bucket) in the opposing team’s base.
  • Predator versus prey: Hunt or be hunted depending on whether you are designated a predator or prey.
  • The Wild: “Put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and place in a hat or something similar,” WikiHow explains. “Take one piece of paper out of the hat. The person’s name drawn out is the rancid beast. Send the beast in unarmed. The rancid beast will enter the field and will have 15-20 seconds to hide. Hunt.”

A game called Convoy / Cargo pits a small team against a large team. The small team is the Cargo, and the large team is the Convoy. The object is for the Cargo, or the pirates, to obliterate the Convoy. To make the game more realistic, players on the Convoy team should carry bags over their shoulders.

The above is merely a short list of the various adventures that can be had via the fun of a paintball party in New Jersey or a paintball party in New York City. For information, call 631-698-6230.

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