You may already know that playing paintball is extremely fun but did you know there are also other great benefits to your physical, social, intellectual, and emotional states?

Physical Benefits
Playing paintball weekly provides a number of physical health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood pressure, and an overall lower risk of diseases. At least 2 hours of outdoor exercise per week will help you maintain a healthy physical body.

Social Benefits
Paintball offers an incredible chance to socialize with other people who share similar interests. Great friendships have been forged on the paintball field and for the younger generation, there is an array of positive role models that can influence their lives.
Intellectual Benefits

Paintball as a sport can increase a person’s confidence, creativity, and overall self esteem. Being a part of a team encourages planning skills and concentration efforts. As a strategy game, paintball builds on both cognitive and intuitive skills.
Emotional Benefits

The outdoor physical activity is known to reduce stress and anxiety, two conditions that we have seen growing within our society. According to Web MD, when you experience stress, you body releases a hormone called cortisol. Too much cortisol can result in anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and other undesirable consequences. Playing paintball will reduce stress and lead to more positive moods.

So in summary, playing paintball will make you healthier, stronger, and happier. Get Out and Play!

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