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 Big Game Last Blast!!!!!!

 Be a part of history with the last Big Game May 19 & 20th  to be held in Coram, NY.  
 Press Release
Paintball Long Island announces that they will be closing the doors of their Coram location.  The Coram paintball facility is the longest running paintball field in the world. 
In recent years, the town of Brookhaven started purchasing land with "open space" money.  They acquired the land where the paintball field was operating and intended to continue the lease.  Town officials were quoted as saying how the paintball business was a community staple and was an excellent recreational activity as well as an economic boost. 
Over time, environmental activists started putting on pressure to have the land vacated.  Their claim was that the paintball was not a permitted use.  Paintball Long Island Corp. hired a legal team to explore this and concluded that paintball was indeed a permitted use. Unfortunately, the activists were able to put on more pressure and prevent the town legal department from even putting the ruling up for a review.  In a nut shell, paintball is the victim of inefficient political processes. 
Many of the political figures involved were extremely supportive in trying to resolve this issue.  Owners Paul Sattler and Dean Del Prete recognize the support of the town officials and identify that the problem lies solely within the political process.  How could public money be used to purchase land and shut down a business of almost 30 years?  How can the "open space" regulations interpreted by one man and not be allowed to be challenged or interpreted in a court of law?
After a couple of years of working together with the town, Paintball Long Island Corp has conceded there is no other option but the shut down the business.  The final game to be held in Coram  will be the 2012 Big Game Last Blast on May 20.  We are hopeful that the town officials will show their community support and get behind this final event.

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