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UFC Fighters - Play With Sterling and Gordon - Sep 21, 2014
Dark Ops EXTREME XIV - 11/16/14 - Nov 16, 2014

Event Detail

Dates: Nov 16, 2014
Title: Dark Ops EXTREME XIV - 11/16/14
Location: Manchester, NJ

Robert Anthony Santos "Joker" - General
Hercules "Hitman" Papadogonius - XO

Des "Karma" Lakers - General
Joe Perez - XO

Everyone that plays will be required to fill out an insurance waiver. For faster check in, please have your waiver fill out in advance. You can download it from our web site.

Gates Open 7:00
Registration 8:00
Pre-game rules 9:30 (target range)
Game starts 10:00
Lunch 12:30 (1 hour lunch)
Game ends 4:30
Post game ceremony 5:00

Extra Paint - 2000 paintballs $65.00 (tax included)
500 paintballs $27.00 (tax included)

Please remember this is EVENT only paint and can only be purchase at the field day of the game.

Game Objective: The team with the most points at the end of the day wins. Each team will have one General and one XO. There are 3 ways to score points: 1. The General or XO raises an objective flag 1,000 Points 2. Shooting a General 500 Points (anyone can shoot a General) 3. Missions 100 – 500 Points Objectives: There will be 5 objectives located on the field. These are where the General OR XO can raise a flag for points.

Rules: Goggles must be worn at all times on the field. Barrel covers MUST be used while you are not on the playing field. When a player is hit, they should raise their hand, cover their barrel and leave the field immediately. All players should report back to their insertion area. Our staff will be reinserting players as quick as possible. Players CAN NOT camp reinsertion zones. Doing so will result in a penalty.

Boundaries are the yellow caution tape. Ignore the ropes. On field netted dead zones are out of bounds.

Max Chrono is 280 fps.

AVOID close range shooting (no bunkering allowed). Keep 20 feet from a player. This means no barrel tags. Keep your distance

On field props CANNOT be moved or changed. Your team will receive a penalty if you are caught tampering with a prop.

Players / Teams must remain on the team assigned from check in . No switching players or teams unless oked by Cousins management.

Misc: Cousins will be using radio channels 1-10 and ALL sub channels. Players may use radios on channel 11 and above.

Please be careful with your wristband. We cannot replace lost or missing bands
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